Pagan Magical kit
Pagan Magical kit

Pagan Magical kit

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Follow the Pagan path and discover the hidden magical energies o the world with the aid of the Pagan magical kit. Learn to tap into the natural rhythm of the world and allow yourself to co-create your life with the power and wisdom of the Universe, in all of its enchanting beauty. Explore the essentials of pagan spirituality and learn how to form a personal relationship with the God, the Goddess, and the elemental energies of the world. Celebrate the gifts of each season as you move through the Wheel of the Year, and create your own magic in harmony with the sun, the stars, the moon, and all of the elements of nature. This set includes: The Pagan Magical Book, which features an introduction to pagan spirituality and simple instructions on how to use the kit to enhance your magic. Candles, crystals, and incense to use in your magical practice. An altar cloth to create your sacred space. The Pagan Tarot, that serves both as a magical and divinatory tool.

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