• Occult Occult
    Statues here seem to possess an aura of age and dark gothic mystery
  • Egyptian Statues Egyptian Statues
    Statues From the mighty pantheon of the ancient Egyptians.From the wonderful Isis and Bast to the chaos of Seth.
  • Fantasy Fantasy
    This where you find statues of fairy, ravens, zombies,dragons and many other fantasy beings.
  • Buddhist, Hindu Statues Buddhist, Hindu Statues
    Statues From Buddhist, Hindu and Eastern Culture.Place them in your home or upon your altar in reverence or as a reminder of the paths they represent and inspire
  • Celtic, Norse Celtic, Norse
    Celtic and Norse Statues , from Thor ,the green man and Freya.
  • Greek and Roman Statues Greek and Roman Statues
    Greek and Roman Statues including the king of the gods Zeus,Pan,Athena and Bacchus.
  • Santeria statues Santeria statues
    Santeria statues often represent the Orishas, or saints and spirits, for the altar and the home.
  • The Elements statues The Elements statues
    These statues representing the elements of magick and ritual spirit,air,fire,earth and water are wonderful on altars
  • Healing Studies Healing Studies
    This where you find statues dealing with phrenology,palmistry,and reflexology.
  • Day of the Dead Day of the Dead
    Statues in iimitation of the sugar calavera skulls created during the celebration of the Mexican Day of the Dead Dia De los Muertos.