Rewards Cauldron


BIG NEWS!! We want to show our appreciation for all of our great Raven's Mist customers by rewarding you! Be sure to register a customer account in order to join our rewards program. For every three dollars you spend, you will get one point.  As your points add up, you can redeem them to get items from the store. 

I want rewards. What do I do?
Register a customer account. If you have already registered, you're in!

How are points earned?
Each time you spend four dollars, you will earn a point

How soon do I start earning points?
Right away after your next order is complete.

How soon can I use my points?
On the next order after points have been earned.

How do I know how many points I have?
Visit your "My Account" page. Click on the "Rewards Points" link to view your points history.

Are points limited?
No, earn as many points as you like!

I have ordered from Raven's Mist in the past; will I get points for my previous orders?
Unfortunately, no. You may only earn points for orders placed after the program was launched.

If I make a purchase but then return the items in my order, will I retain the points?
No, if the order is, returned, refunded, or canceled, the points you earned will be deducted from your account.

Can I still earn points if I pay by check or money order?
If you have an account with us, you will earn points, regardless of the method of payment.

Do I have to use all my points when I use them to acquire an item?
No, the amount of points used are determined by the cost of the item.