• Norse Jewelry Norse Jewelry
    Norse Jewelry ,including items such as Thor's Mjolnir Hammer pennant, and Rune amulets.
  • Steampunk Pendants Steampunk Pendants
    Steampunk is a sub-genre of science fiction that typically features steam-powered machinery,especially in a setting inspired by industrialized Western civilization during the 19th century.WIth brands such as SteamPunk Alchemy Gothic and more.
  • Amulets Talisman Pendants Charms Amulets Talisman Pendants Charms
    Wiccan Amulets,Talisman and Charms used in magick for eveything from protection to abundance.With designs from peace charms to dragons and cauldrons.
  • Ankh egyptian Ankh egyptian
    Ankh and Egyptian Jewelry.The ankh is an ancient Egyptian symbol of eternal life, and has come to be a symbol for wholeness, vitality, and health.
  • Bone Bone
    Bone Jewelry With items such as bone chockers , ankhs and good fortune bracelets.
  • Celtic Celtic
    Celtic inspired jewelery with pendants shaped like horses ,arrows, heart and more decorated with knot work.
  • Cross Cross
    Cross pendants .The cross symbol is ancient in origin. Know today as a Christian symbol of faith and reminder of the sacrifice of Christ . It also has origins much older dating back to the stone age era being found in ancient caves in Europe.
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Black Waxed Cotton  2mm 100 meters
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