Wiccan,Pagan and Newage jewelry used to express your faith or used in spells and rituals as talismans. Here you will find Bracelets,anklets,earrings,necklaces,rings and much more
  • Bracelets anklets Bracelets anklets
    Copper cuffs, magnetic bracelets, ornate slave bracelets, and jingling ornaments for your ankles.Used for healing or just pretty.
  • Earrings Earrings
    Wiccan pagan newage earrings decorated in precious stones, shaped into symbols of faith and arcane meaning, and simply beautiful adornments for your ears.
  • Hair clips keychains Hair clips keychains
    This is where you will find all those miscellaneous items such as key chains, and hair wands.
  • Necklace Necklace
    Wiccan, Pagan and Newage Necklaces to express your faith or as as a talisman.You will find Pentacles,steampunk ankhs and much more.
  • Rings Rings
    Wiccan,Pagan and Newage rings items of power and wealth in ancient traditions, myths.Many designs with pentagrams ,dolhins ,suns and much more.
  • Chains and cords Chains and cords
    Chains from which to hang your favorite pendant, pentagram, or amulet, or just enjoy wearing a chain by itself.
  • Belly Ring Belly Ring
    These belly rings with stone beads are wonderful for wiccan or pagan ritual wear