Ritual and Spell Supplies

This is where you will find all your Alchemy, Ritual and Spell Supplies.From powders to bells feathers and more.
  • Bells,singing bowls Bells,singing bowls
    Ritual bells, Singing bowls to fill the air with magick
  • Feathers Feathers
    Feathers are used to cleanse the aura and chakras of people but also used in smudgeing rooms and other shamanic tools energetically.
  • Altar Patens and Tiles Altar Patens and Tiles
    Alter pentagrams ,tiles and patens. Wonderful way to represent earth on your altar.
  • Kits and mixes Kits and mixes
    Ritual kits
  • Lodestones Lodestones
    Lodestones are natural magnets and for many centuries have been used to charge spell items, primarily to attract things to the one using them good luck, healing, etc. Often two lodestones are carried.
  • Other Other
    Everything else
  • Powders Powders
    Powders are used in any ways in spells and rituals from luck to banishing.
  • Roots and Aids Roots and Aids
    Carried in charm bags or used in any other ritual ways
  • Washes waters soaps and colognes Washes waters soaps and colognes
    Ritual washes, soaps, and colognes for cleansing of home and self.Everything from Rue wash for,removing and protecting against hexes, to 4 Thieves Vinegar for healing magick.
  • Cord Cord
    Cords for use in wiccan and pagan ritual attire,spells and stringing charms
  • Devotional Bowl Devotional Bowl
    Devotional bowls and spoons for pagan and wiccan offerings to the god and goddess.Use in spells, rituals or place on your altar for salt or water.Made of onyx ,soupstone,copper and wood with engraved symbols such as triple moons,pentagram and Triquetra.
  • Holy Ritual  Herbal Smoke Holy Ritual Herbal Smoke
    Ritual Herbal Smoke such as smokers aid to help reduce coughing and Four Winds Herbal Blend with Coltsfoot for wisdom, relaxation, visions, and animal magic,Mullein for exorcism, nightmare and mugwort for strength, psychic power, healing,astral travel,and protection
  • Spell Bottles and Mini Altar Spell Bottles and Mini Altar
    These mini altar tins are cute, portable, and versatile. They can be refilled with your own preferred items after you use the ones contained herein Inspired by a desire to take my altar out on the go and perform some rituals in a secluded place
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