Saint Michael Oil

Saint Michael Oil

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Saint Michael is a fierce protector of all that is righteous and good. But this is not his only purpose. The following is a mediation practice Lady Rhea has written to invoke the guidance of Saint Michael – or any angel or guide. Anoint this oil on your temples, on the sides of your neck, inside your wrists and on the soles of your feet. Choose a red taper candle and dress it with the oil. Place it on a low table so that you are more or less at eye level with your candle when you are seated on the floor. Shut out all the lights, and sit in a cross-legged position comfortably as you can manage on the floor. Take a deep breath, hold for at least ten seconds, and then exhale. Repeat this several times until you are relaxed and the candle has begun to change in its image. It may move in and out of your vision. The candle may flicker intensely. Call on the angel Michael to descend and communicate with you. Ask for guidance and it shall come to you. Feel the glow surround you as his guiding light engulfs your being. Listen to what he has to say, Perhaps he will not use words, but rather he will make you feel something; pay attention to that too. When this feeling has passed, allow the candle to continue to burn until it is finished as an offering to Saint Michael. Blended in USA.

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