large Triquetra Chalice
large Triquetra Chalice

large Triquetra Chalice

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This large, ornate chalice has been exquisitely sculpted of silver-plated brass in a manner that is perfect for use in your ceremonial magic. Starting at a wide, solid base that lends a considerable heft to its feel, it sweeps inward from a diameter of approximately 4 1/2", tapering upwards in a slight slope to the 3/4" diameter stem. The sweeping sides of this base have been textured in a manner that is comfortable against the bottom of your hand when you grip the stem, and otherwise feature the intricate pattern of the Celtic triquetra - a complex knot within a circle, without beginning or end that forms three points. Smooth an unadorned for most of its length, the 3" tall stem features a ribbed design at both its base and top, with a wide disk-shaped addition punctuating its climb, 3/4 of the way to the top. This forms a comfortable grip, resting against the top of your index finger and thumb as you hold the cup and otherwise makes the whole chalice all the more eye-catching. And then from here sweeps the smooth expanse of the cup, sweeping outward and expanding from the chalice`s stem to the chalice`s 3 1/2" diameter mouth. Smooth and unblemished, it features the more prominant engraving of two triquetra, each on opposing sides. Representative of the Maiden, Mother, Crone, and other such sacred trinities, it is a great way to celebrate the divine and offer sacrifice or libation for your ceremony.

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