Journey windswept stick incense 18 pk
Journey windswept stick incense 18 pk

Journey windswept stick incense 18 pk

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With an airy, whimsical scent, Journey Stick incense from Windswept Scents is offers an energy great for those starting upon a new road or life path. Vibrant and vigorous, it is a great scent for offering a more positive outlook. It can be used in spells of blessings for new beginnings, or even in protection spells, to help keep negative energies and thoughts at bay on your new journey.Windswept Scents stick incense is made with oils specifically chosen to aid you in your ritual magic, and can be used for aromatherapy or to simply create a pleasant atmosphere within your home. They have been packaged specifically to seal in their freshness, and may require a few minutes to dry before being burned. Made of charcoal-free "punk sticks" and the finest oils, they are a delight in any home or sacred space. Each pack comes with 18 sticks approximately 10 1/2 inches long.

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