Fast Luck Mojo Bag
Fast Luck Mojo Bag

Fast Luck Mojo Bag

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The fast luck mojo bag is a wonderful, ready-made mojo bag for anyone looking to bring a bit more luck into their lives. Within its confines, you`ll find a wide range of objects intended to bring good luck whether you are looking to prosper in matters of business and money, looking for a bit of an edge in gambling, or generally just seeking to tilt the odds in your favor. Contents may vary, but typically includes a lucky rabbit`s foot and a green feather as lucky talismans, bat`s head root to help wishes come true, a whole nutmeg for good fortune, a die for games of chance, Fool`s Gold and a iconic roll of money for prosperity, a lucky horseshoe, a sacred icon, and the Seal of Barbatos, for hidden treasures. It will also include a small bottle of anointing oil and a packet of cone incense to complete the treasure trove of good fortune! The bag itself is brown and made of faux leather, and measures approximately 2 1/2 inches wide by 3 inches long, easily fitting within a purse or pocket.

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