Collection of 12 Unique Crystal Clusters
Collection of 12 Unique Crystal Clusters

Collection of 12 Unique Crystal Clusters

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Beautiful both in appearance and in energy, crystal clusters cannot help but to inspire awe and wonder. Whether you simply enjoy the mineral properties of the crystalline formations or adore their presence, and the energy they offer, within your life, this collection of crystal clusters is perfect for you. Coming with 12 unique cluster formations, you'll find each collection displaying a vivid array of color, with clustering patterns ranging from straight formations, exhibiting a layered appearance with almost 90 degree angles, to those that seem to sprout at random, growing rounded and almost seeming as fluffy as cotton, and still others that seem like glittering piles of diamonds that have been fused to rock. Every cluster you experience will be different, with their own unique properties and mineral compositions. Place them around your home as decorations and to help bring the bountiful, positive energy they offer into your life and magical practice. You can't help but to feel closer to the earth after experiencing this collection. Each crystal measures approximately 3 1/2 inch in diameter. As natural creations, yielded from the earth, please allow for variation in size.

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