Carved Brass Cross burner
Carved Brass Cross burner

Carved Brass Cross burner

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This incense burner is a beautiful creation, sculpted of brass and engraved with intricate patterns that leave an impression of age and majesty, as though it belongs within a cathedral or upon an ancient altar. Setting upon a 2 3/4 inches diameter base which is intricately engraved with floral patterns, the incense burner rises upon four legs which support a broad basin intricately engraved with the same floral design that marks its base. The basin, featuring a stylized handle, includes a lid that opens with the press of a thumb upon its hinge, offers a wide try in which you can burn your favorite powder, resin, and granular incenses upon charcoal, with cross-shaped cut-outs providing ventilation and allowing the fragrant smoke to escape. All of this is capped with a byzantine styled cone, ending within a four-pointed cross with arms of equal length. The whole burner stands 7 inches tall, and measures 2 3/4 inches in diameter at the basin`s widest point, and 4 inches across by the handle.

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