Bracelet DZI bead 3
Bracelet DZI bead 3

Bracelet DZI bead 3

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To Tibetans and other Himalayan peoples, the dZi is a inches precious jewel of supernatural origin inches with great power to protect its wearer from disaster.dZi beads based on Tibetan tradition are regarded as the most valuable and desirable variety. To qualify as pure, a bead must be genuine etched agate and lie within a certain range of styles. It should also have a sharply delineated pattern, symmetrical shape, strong color, glossy surface, and no flaws. The nine-eyed dZi is a pure dZi with the most highly desired pattern. Etched agate beads not considered pure are called chung dZi, or less important dZi. This adjustable necklace expands to a maxium of 10 inches in diameter.

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