Becoming Nature
Becoming Nature

Becoming Nature

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A step-by-step guide to animal communication, connecting with your primal mind, and immersing yourself in Nature • Includes exercises for learning how to become invisible within Nature, sense hidden animals, and communicate with wild animals and birds • Explains how to approach wild animals and form friendships with them • Details the intuitive awareness of our hunter-gatherer ancestors and their innate oneness with Nature Animals and plants are in constant communication with the world around them. To join the conversation, we need only to connect with our primal mind and recognize that we, too, are Nature. Once in this state, we can communicate with animals as effortlessly as talking with friends. The songs of birds and the calls of animals start to make sense. We begin to see the reasons for their actions and discover that we can feel what they feel. We can sense the hidden animals around us, then get close enough to look into their eyes and touch them. Immersed in Nature, we are no longer intruders, but fellow beings moving in symphony with the Dance of Life.

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