Resins Powders incense

To burn fill a heat proof container , such as a cauldron, with earth or sand. Be sure to place a small saucer or flat pillar candle holder under burner IT WILL GET VERY HOT ! Next light a disk of charcoal using tongs. It will light one edge and then place on top of sand . It takes a few minutes but the disk will turn white when it is ready.Place a small amount of resin incense or herbs on top of charcoal adding more if you like as it burns away . You can only use the charcoal disk once ,you can not relight it and it will get very hot.
  • Charme et Sortilege
    A packet of Charme et Sortilege's purpose blended incense. Blended from the finest base resins and herbs to provide you with the most powerful magical incense possible for all your ritual, spell and other craft work.
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