Chakra Healing Rose Quartz Wand
Chakra Healing Rose Quartz Wand

Chakra Healing Rose Quartz Wand

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With the warm, pink tones of a faceted piece of rose quartz forming its core, the 7 chakra rose quartz wand is a wonderful ritual tool for healing emotional hurts, and invoking love within your spells and magic. Rose quartz is a crystal known for possessing an energetic quality that is nurturing to the heart, and as such it is often used in crystal healing to help mend heart break and all number of other emotional difficulties. Similarly, in magic it is a popular addition to love spells, where its warmth can help foster nurturing love and affection. This wand is wonderful for seeking this quality within your practice, and is only enhanced by a clear quartz sphere at its back and a clear quartz point at its tip, used to gather and direct energy. Similarly, it features seven precious stones set along its length, representing the seven chakras to help you clear, balance, and focus the energies of your chakras. The wand measures approximately 7 inches in length. Please allow for some variance in coloring and size, due to the crystal formations used in its creation.

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