100% Positive Spells & Incantations for Aladdin's Magick Lamp by Maris D'Andrea

100% Positive Spells & Incantations for Aladdin's Magick Lamp by Maris D'Andrea

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Summon the Master of the highest order of the Jinn to manifest your most far-reaching desires. Command the Genie in your Aladdin's magical lamp to materialize. IT IS SAID, HE CAN AUTOMATICALLY BRING YOU RICHES, LOVE, GOOD HEALTH, AND REMOVE ALL ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION, AS IF IN A PUFF OF SMOKE Yes! You can actually rub your own personal magick lamp and get more than three wishes to come true. You are on notice that the Djinn is not just an animated character in a Walt Disney movie, but represents a secret race of beings who can influence and control the lives of those they are summoned to benefit. They are in essence a form of guardian of those on the earth plane who seek their assistance in improving life's conditions. According to lore, the Jinn were created out of the "fire of a scorching wind," thus are virtually indestructible. Some are good. Some are bad. All are free-willed creatures endowed with magical powers which they are willing to use for our benefit, though we have to be careful whom among them we ask to do our bidding. Maria D'Andrea has studied their culture and provides in the form of simple, easy to use terms, spells you can engage in to request their assistance, what you can do to keep yourself safe from the Jinn who are supernatural predators, and how you can obtain more than three wishes without being tricked like in the half-true tales that have been told over the centuries since their creation. So go ahead and rub the magic lamp now. It's as simple as counting One! Two! Three!

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